Outstanding Ofsted summary

“The sixth form is outstanding; students attain high grades at A-level and leave
 school very well prepared for further study or training.”

(From our most recent Ofsted inspection, February 2012) 

Adding value

“Through a stimulating curriculum and challenging teaching the school adds high value…. so that by the time students leave, normally at age 18, many have gained top grade passes. The proportion of students attaining the top grades A*/A at A-level has increased since the previous inspection and is now high, with many subjects showing around three quarters of students attaining these grades.”

Academic performance

“There are no subjects where students’ performance is weak, either at GCSE or at A-level. Indeed examination results show many strengths, especially in mathematics and sciences, but also in other subjects, such as art, history and geography. Nearly all students progress on to higher education to courses of their choosing, with a number opting to study engineering or engineering-related degrees, as befits the school’s specialism. The specialism’s direct impact is currently more noticeable in the lower years of the school, but is also felt in the high uptake and successes in mathematics and sciences at A-level.”

Challenging curriculum

“Many lessons require students to apply higher-order thinking skills, such as in an AS-level psychology class where students, individually and in pairs successfully applied their recently learnt knowledge about different thinkers’ views to the concept of fear. They responded eloquently to the high expectations of their teacher. …The rich curriculum offers excellent opportunities for academic study.... and many A-Level choices.”


“The curriculum is well balanced also, with excellent opportunities for extra-curricular activities and the development of creative skills, and offers a strong programme for the arts and for sport. The high levels of intellectual challenge underpin students’ enjoyment of school.”

Please read the full Ofsted report here.